About Us

The Executive Summary

Eyethu National Computer College Is an established education and training institution in the Information Technology industry. The company will focus its core business activities on computer services and developmental training (ICT)

We intend to provide “one-stop” service from the small business to the larger and corporate markets, as well as schools, colleges and other organizations. EYETHU NATIONAL COMPUTER COLLEGE will operate in the Pos., Windows and open systems environments. Our services encompass everything from comprehensive evaluation of the business needs, through the installation of hardware and software, to the meticulous technical support and training of an organization’s management and its staff, educators, students, learners and the individuals.

The company has developed a well-structured and integrated educational programme in ICT for schools. The primary aim of the programme is to close the digital gab between the previously disadvantaged communities (schools) and the so-called model C’s, i.e. to bring the balance within our education system. Through this ambitious programme, learners, community and educators will acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their competencies in performing their duties ultimately bettering the standard and quality of education. Learners will develop with the programme from grade R level and gradually proceeds to higher levels acquiring extensive practical skills and knowledge in both the software and hardware environment.

Improving the quality of learning and teaching through this initiative is one of the excellent ways contributing to the transformation of education. Training of educators and learners in ICT is one of the critical challenges that will drive social and economic development.

Eyethu Skills National Computer College initiative will impact not only on education within S.A’s boundaries, but also through the entire African continent. In this way, the use and access of computers and Information Technology will accelerate significantly. Apart from assisting in addressing South Africa’s educational backlog, the institution is also buoyed by the undoubted spin-off in terms of the potential development of a future skilled human resource base, from which business will ultimately benefit.

There’s a real sense of opportunity and urgency in the world today to effect great change and accomplish great things, and recognition of fact that many of these opportunities are driven by technology. As the world continues its transition from an industrial to a high digital economy, education, technology, access and training are becoming critical tools in search for social equity.

South Africa is a country with both the need and desire to explore the use of technology in order to maximize and equal the expertise within its business, healthcare, education and other services.

Eyethu Nationl Computer College is committed to make a meaningful contribution in addressing these needs by providing local market with relevant and quality education within the ICT environment in order to enhance and nurture human capital development for economic growth. We go beyond simply being a training company to be an active partner in contributing to attain South Africa’s millennium goals of halving unemployment by 2020 through skills development.



EYETHU SKILLS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE. Has been founded to fill a niche that exists in the education and training institution in the information technology industry. The overall mission is to provide our clients with excellent and innovative business solutions whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and client service at all times. The success of our business will be directly influenced by our dedication to continually improving the quality and service in every aspect of our operation.


Our vision is to be internationally recognized as an institution of excellence in the education, training and development of Information Technology and Computer Services, not only in educational institutions but also in the employment and community sectors, contributing to the professionalism of the future IT industry workforce of the country.


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of NQF aligned outcomes-based education and training in the Information Technology and Computer Services of learning programmes to the schools, enabling visible and measurable improvement in the professionalization and development of baseline competencies at Primary, Secondary School and High Schools Levels, which contribute meaningfully to the economic prosperity and social upliftment of the South African Community.