Welcome To ENCC


Eyethu National Computer College is a 100% young black-owned company established to address the enormous IT and computer skills gap needs of the South African community (society). We will play a vital role in creating and maintaining an educated, competent and skilled youth in the South African schools and tertiary institutions in building capacity for the future workplace.

Updated technology driven-research and co-operation with the Department of Education and other training institutions will enable EYETHU National Computer College to present and promote relevant IT and Computer Training Programmes and/or related courses.

Through this intervention we envisage/plan ways to build necessary baseline skills and capabilities into a career path that provides a recognized school qualification that in turn will give access to specialized advanced, training and work opportunities in the IT industry.

According to the survey conducted by IT-Web (SA Computer Magazine June 2003), it was found that (with regard to race and gender), the IT population was still largely white and male

dominated. However, both gender and race ratios had improved slightly when compared to last year’s sample. It is also upon this reason that EYETHU SKILLS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE initiates to marginalize this gap by ensuring that technical training skills are offered at a lower level (particularly HDIs schools and other higher training institutes of learning)